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Ze also leaves behind me, a femme in love with a butch whose stone I misinterpreted as passivity and coldness. Butchness is aggressive passion restrained by expectations and protections you've had to build to protect your heart and your life.Butchness is a romantic, pleading heart under a heartbreaker's leather jacket.

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From amusing shorthand to terms of endearment, these lesbian stereotypes are just a small slice of the myriad of flavors in the LGBTQ community.

We’ve defined the following lesbian terms without judgment and with a full understanding that an individual is much more than just a label.

If you’re a lesbian wading into the dating pool, you probably hear a bunch of terms like “femme” and “soft butch” being tossed around, and maybe you don’t know what they mean.

Lesbians come in all shapes and sizes, so a lexicon of words has evolved to define them.

As Wikipedia puts it: “a lipstick lesbian is slang for a lesbian who exhibits a greater amount of feminine gender attributes relative to other gender expressions.” Does that clear it up?

They’re like camouflage lesbians, confusing straight people by looking, bewilderingly, just like straight people!Matthew Shepard had five years to live before he'd be beaten and left to die tied to a fence in Laramie, Wyoming.Lea De Laria—decades from mainstream fame on —went on The Arsenio Hall Show to declare ''It's the 1990s! ''I was a little dyke, though I wasn't calling myself that then. In 1993, butches were "bulldaggers," "too fat to get a man," "too ugly to get a man." You were a "cow"; I know that from walking through the halls of my high school, where my big, bald girlfriend and I got spit on and mooed at daily. For one thing, almost anyone who used the word "queer" was probably about to kick your ass for being one.MTV was starting to talk about safe sex and condoms, which just seemed like code for, "Warning: Gay people ahead, kids." But it was a year before "The Real World: San Francisco" introduced to the mainstream Pedro Zamora, an out gay man living with HIV.So much fighting, so much drinking, so much of the butch staying out all night or speeding away from the femme's life forever on a motorcycle. I was entranced by the detail the butches' clothes were rendered in: Their femmes ironed their shirts, laid out their cufflinks, scrubbed their factory coveralls. They were women; certainly I could understand them. wouldn't make it into my hands for more than 15 years, which is unfortunate because it changed queer history. And I had all the same questions I did in 1993—and a lot more. It's about a sexuality and gender expression that's hard for even the narrator in question to understand. Jess's identity is so much more than her appearance.

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