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Input should be gained from and respected by both parties with a mutual understanding/agreement taking place. submissive=submitting without objection or resistance, passive, biddable, docile, obedient..2008...location united states...behavior-objectionable...passive-only when i'm sleeping...biddable-you scratch my back and i'll even do yours first...docile-as a panther...obedient-not since i was 16 or so.... While I like the "old fashioned way of life" too, I also like to give my input sometimes too.OP, I do suppose that, in a time of a "standoff", someone has to make a decision and my ego is certainly stroked when I am deferred to as the ultimate decision-maker. OP-you mean you just don't like clingy, whinning, mamas' boys? On the other hand wouldnt mind "playing" the part of a "do as your told" sometimes. I may get slammed here but what is wrong with a woman wanting a man to be the dominant one in a relationship?I think being old fashioned is somewhat similar but not to that extreme.

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If he is wrong he will admit it and do what is needed to make things right.

I think many people see a dominant man as one who rules with an iron fist that is unreasonable, who barks out commands and expects others to jump when he talks which isn’t the case.

Move over you too and pass that popcorn please..an extra beer?

I can't wait for this thread to take off....submissive women huh? Not in my lifetime Jen I think the final say should be a meeting of the minds, not just cause he has the gonads. When I get to sit home and he is the only bread winner in this family then maybe he has the right to a little more say, but as long as I am working and bringing home the bacon too...

However, that decision would be gained by use of your insight as well. If I'm making A-L-L the decisions, couldn't that be interpreted as indifference on your part? Hey, who is up for a little less salt and butter on the next batch? Brat, In reply to "On the other hand wouldnt mind "playing" the part of a "do as your told" sometimes."This part I totally understand, and do like that some women want that in certain situations. A true dominant male doesn’t feel the need to be degrading towards his partner.

And if so, would that necessarily be good for the relationship? He will in fact respect her and treat her with dignity.

I just happen to think that the mans word should be the final word. What I know about a submissive woman apparently isn't much, lol.

I certainly would hope that you would want a man that did fully respect you.

As far as the man having the final word, I am man enough to admit that I have made the wrong choice a time or two, and a little input is very welcome.

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