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Translated from Sanskrit, it means “weaving,” which we have come to understand as oneness.Bringing oneness to yourself and consciousness to what you do. Translated from Sanskrit it means reverence, honor, an offering.Men will be instructed on how to be grounded and open-hearted so they can be felt.

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The exercises involving breathing and meditation that are a part of Tantra are designed to bring you into a state of being more present. It is a ritual designed to open our hearts and allow us to see the inner beauty within ourselves and all beings.

It invites us into the elegant dance of masculine and feminine in a warm space of oneness and connection–what a great way to start your first date! The men form the outside circle and the women form the inside, with each woman facing a man.

During the event, you’ll do some basic connection exercises: breathing, meditation, light partner yoga, speaking a vulnerability, eye-gazing, dance, conscious touch (holding hands, hands on heart)… Well, for starters, it’s not what you saw in the movie American Pie!

things that go a bit beyond the obligatory “what do you do/where are you from.” Of course, you’re always in charge of how you want to participate. Experience the magic for yourself and see why singles from New York to San Francisco–to now London! Tantra is thousands of years old and has become a buzzword, which unfortunately has some misleading definitions.

Exercises are fun and PG-rated (think partner yoga, actor’s improv, eye-gazing, dance) and are infused with positive relating, so you’ll even pick up some skills to boot.

Come see why folks from New York to San Francisco are falling in love with Tantra Speed Date!Equal parts relationship skills class & speed date, you’ll share a moment of guided connection with up to 24 dates.Authentic and playful exercises help bring out your best self so you can get to know your dates in a real way: Fun, PG-rated (think partner yoga, actor’s improv, eye-gazing, dance), and infused with positive relating skills to exemplorate healthy relationships.Our authentic and playful exercises will bring out your best self so you can get to know your dates in a real way.You'll share a few moments of connection with each date in a traditional Puja circle.Each pair then share a meaningful exchange through a directed exercise (a Puja “station”), which can be for a few seconds or a few minutes.

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