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What is Teen Dating Abuse Teen dating violence is abusive behavior: physical, emotional, sexual, financial, or social that one person in an intimate relationship uses in order to control the other person.

Social Abuse Spreading rumors or using blackmail to control a partner’s actions Keeping a partner “in check” by monitoring their cell phone constantly or using friends to keep tabs on them Isolating a partner from her/his friends and family Using religion/culture to control partner Threatens to tell your parents or friends private things about you Start fights that never seem to end Always accuses you of cheating Threatens to "out" you Makes you feel badly about yourself, your friends or your family? The signs and symptoms of abuse within teenage relationships are similar to those of other types of domestic violence. In a healthy, loving relationship, people trust and support one another and respect each other’s independence.

The building‐based intervention included the use of temporary school‐based restraining orders, higher levels of faculty and security presence in areas identified through student mapping of safe/unsafe “hot spots,” and the use of posters to increase awareness and reporting of teen dating violence to school personnel.

Compared to a control group, the students who participated in the building-only interventions and those who experienced both the building interventions and the classroom interventions were more knowledgeable about the consequences of perpetrating teen dating violence, more likely to avoid areas where teen dating violence is likely to occur, and more likely to intervene as a bystander six months post intervention.

Activities aimed at increasing awareness and dispelling myths about violence in relationships are often included in the curriculum.

The Safe Dates Project is an intervention that includes school activities (e.g., a theater production performed by peers, a curriculum of ten 45-minute sessions taught by health and physical education teachers, and a poster contest) and community activities (e.g., services for adolescents in abusive relationships and service provider training).

The combination also resulted in reduced incidences of sexual and physical dating violence by as much as 50 percent up to six months after the intervention.

The classroom-only intervention did not prove effective.

The project educates youth about gender-based violence, and helps them to develop skills and social actions such as personal responsibility, communication, and community participation.

An experimental study that randomly assigned 14- to 16-year-olds from child protective services to control or to the Youth Relationship Project curriculum found that the intervention was effective in reducing incidents of physical and emotional abuse and symptoms of emotional distress over time for the youth in the intervention.

A few programs frame the issue using a feminist perspective, while others use a more skills-based and gender-neutral approach.

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