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If he visited her at Hebrew University, she could have physically laid out the wealth of pottery found adjacent to the structure that dates to the period of King Solomon, pottery that was excavated sitting on floors and sealed underfloor layers.She could have explained to him both sides of the current debate over the dating of the pottery to the 10th century, and describe why she and others believe it fits best to King Solomon.The inscription reads (emphasis added): And I killed two [power]ful kin[gs], who harnessed two thou[sand cha]riots and two thousand horsemen.

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Maybe they wouldn’t put the same label on the structure, but they would still find it. Mazar from many others is that she treats the Bible as a historical source.

And when she finds a massive structure in the location and the time period that the Bible indicates—in this case the 10th century she does not shy away from matching it to structures described by a historical source—in this case the Bible.

She could have explained to him that the Bible actually indicates that King David’s palace should be located in this position, just north of the original Jebusite city.

Hearing the facts, maybe he would have agreed that the Large Stone Structure was most likely David’s palace.

Furthermore, if he had asked her why she apparently finds important discoveries from that time period in Jerusalem while others do not, she could have explained that she is the one excavating where the Bible indicates those structures should be built.

If someone else were to excavate these same areas, they would find the same structures and come to the same relative dating.If you are letting archaeology speak, that is what is says.” However, what Hasson failed to mention is that Dr.Ben-Ami has been excavating in the valley to the west of the City of David.Judean writers adopted the idea and made it their own years after the fall of the northern kingdom of Israel.”The work of one archaeologist who is actually excavating inside the confines of ancient Jerusalem pose some major problems for Dr. According to her, there is no need for revision of the biblical text during the reigns of David and Solomon: The stones left behind demonstrate that this city was the capital of a large and powerful kingdom in the 10th century . Mazar, painting her as an off-the-wall archaeologist who cannot be trusted since she keeps making biblically significant discoveries.“In archaeological circles, Mazar is practically a one-woman camp of her own,” he wrote.Carrying on from the dismissal of the Tel Dan Stele, Hasson took aim at Jerusalem during the 10th century, the general time period in which David and Solomon lived.

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