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The supermodels flaunted their enviable figures leaving little to the imagination in risque lingerie.

Georgia, 25, swathed her statuesque figure in a white lingerie set as she posed leaning on a glass railing.

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Besides the 91-year-old political titan, at least three other big names have expressed interest in the proposed party.

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Her trademark brunette tresses were left long and loose as they cascaded over her petite shoulders.

Roosmarijn, 23, allowed her flawless skin tone to shine in a baby blue underwear set that showcased her bountiful curves.

For an idea of what I am doing, see Google bomb and an example of using it in defense of someone (Hannah Giles) at here.

I am proud that to date (26 December 2009), more than 47,000 suckers have wasted their time looking for woman-degrading porn.

SEE ALSO: 6 Asian politicians caught watching porn Geramm and AJI recommended that education should be provided to media employees on what constitutes sexual harassment and what to do if victimised.

“We demand all sources, regardless of their status, to show respect towards journalists on duty.” The Institute of Journalists Malaysia (Io J) in a statement commended female journalists “who had the strength and come out” regarding sexual harassment and called for a “halt to such practices”, as well as for Malaysian media organisations to come up with strong codes of conduct.

“Policies and standards must be put into place to address this issue if we are to see better journalism in our respective countries,” it said.

Women journalists in Malaysia: how many of you have felt like you've had to put up with inappropriateness / harassment for work/ in order to maintain connections and access?

SEE ALSO: Rappler’s registration revoked in the Philippines Malaysian parliamentarian Teresa Kok told that “I will recommend the journalists concerned to expose the politicians who have harassed them in the media.” “Boycott these kind of people.

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