The unofficial guide to dating again

How to Be a Couple and Still Be Free is the perfect tool for designing and creating a relationship unique to your individual personalities and situation.

With it, any couple can learn to work together to create a loving, sustainable, healthy, and equal partnership that you will treasure. We use it to mean obligation: "If you love me you'll...." We use it for dependency: "I love you, I can't live without you." We use it for ownership: "We're in love, we belong to each other." We use it for charity: "I do this for you because I love you." I want to see love freed.

It’s easier to talk to people when there is a reason that you’ve come together. And if you’re going to have sex, use your head and use protection. The unofficial guide to dating again, the inside scoop on getting back into the dating scene. To want acceptance on equal terms does not diminish with age. We will give you the information you need to find suitable people to date, an effective dating process to follow, the current attitudes and etiquette about dating, and the know-how to feel confident about your dating skills.

Being a couple yet free is our next challenge on the evolutionary ladder.

It is not possible to push or force people into loving.

The only thing that works is leaving enough room for love to grow. Are you a Blogger, in a Book Club or Press looking for content? Make a difference, support authors, help get the word out about fabulous books.

Riley and I have found some ways to be free and we share them with you, because the more free people there are, the more love will be freed in the world. Are you an Author - interested in getting your Book Reviewed? Oprah's words bring inspiration and help to many people.

Tuchy adds suggested affirmations and actions and you have a powerful workbook that can become life altering and healing.

The phrase "God is love" would take on new dimensions.

We would be free and able to let our partners be free, because we would not have to do anything to be bonded.

And as a single adult alone in the grown-up world, dating strangers can even be dangerous.

In effect, there's a "technology of dating" that works, and you can learn it here. It was only normal when you were 13 to feel inadequate and insecure about dating, but at least then everyone else you knew had similar trepidations.

It recreates everyday problems and paints the path to their solution Warren Farrell, Ph D Author of Why Men Are the Way They Are.

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