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“My understanding was that perhaps he had smoked marijuana, which we all know is legal in this state, but not that he had smoked earlier that day or before driving,” Brodsky said.

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“People are supposed to be safe on city sidewalks,” Jensen said.

“I don’t want our young children to learn lessons like this ... He was a good kid,” said Karly Vander Yacht, a Meridian High School student who used to attend school with Anderson.

Wednesday at a location on Hutchins Place, Batavia.

A 17-year-old resident of Hutchins Place is charged with trespass.

He admitted to regular marijuana use and past use of hallucinogenic mushrooms but did not say he was under the influence of either at the time.

Brewster was in satisfactory condition at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle and Randall was in serious condition at St. Klein told troopers investigating the crash that he was sleepy.

At least 100 people, including students, parents and teachers, gathered Wednesday night just hours after the crash to tell stories about Ormiston and Anderson.

“This is a devastating blow to our school community, and my heart is breaking for those two parents whose kids didn’t come home from school yesterday,” Ferndale School District Superintendent Linda Quinn said Thursday.

Klein’s wife spoke during his first appearance in court Thursday, June 11, telling the court through tears that Klein is a “wonderful father” who made a horrible mistake.

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