Tips for going from friends to dating

Look for hints Read the signs to see if the feeling is mutual.

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Nothing will be achieved by you denying the problem too.

Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor How do you motivate a friend to be "more than friends"?

The best way to avoid post-breakup awkwardness is to be totally honest with each other about the implications of the relationship not working before you get involved.

Relationships don’t come with a manual and many people feel themselves floundering around in the messy bog of emotions, uncertain of what to do or how to interpret someone else’s behaviour.

As friends, you already know all this so if you want a relationship you need to be sure the reasons are right.

Take the progression seriously Make a conscious effort with your new partner and treat them like a girlfriend or boyfriend, not just a friend.

But while friends dating might sound like the perfect answer, we all know it can be fraught with problems. Consider the consequences Are you prepared to lose your friendship over this relationship? Consider your motives – are your feelings merely physical or are they more deep-rooted?

The bonus of friends dating is that you are already comfortable with each other so will bypass the customary awkward stage that most couples endure. It’s not worth risking a friendship over something that won’t last.

Maybe you changed your attitude, worked on your self confidence or started dating a wider age group – whatever it is, share your experience with your friend.

Your friend is then free to try some of the strategies you used or to go their own way.

A good friend should have many of the qualities you look for in a potential partner.

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