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It was her androgynous look (and penchant for going braless) that helped her nab the coveted role of Joan in It's not just that lesbians look like Justin Bieber -- it's that Biebs actually looks like a lesbian.

Blame it on the hair, his soft, pre-pubescent features, cute long lashes and baby-like skin, or whatever makes him soft and g URLy, but he's as androgynous as they come.

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The decision to release the five songs as the BILLY solo project rather than as a part of a Tokio Hotel record was, according to Bill, made partly because the songs didn’t necessarily fit Tokio Hotel as it was his break-up and his experience, and partly because he had always wanted to produce a solo record that was all him and completely on his terms.

The moniker BILLY was chosen because Billy is a nickname that only select few people call him, his former partner being one. For those who are not familiar with Tokio Hotel, you might remember their 2008 hit song “Monsoon”.

Bill of Tokio Hotel has outwardly confessed that his favorite eyeliner is Maybelline and has been refused entrance to the men's bathroom for his g URLy appearance. In music and fashion, gender androgyny is the new Pink. She's got the voice of the diva and a rock-hard bod that reminds us far more of our Ken dolls than our Barbies.

Not exactly known for his politeness, Jared sarcastically responded to a reporter at the '07 VMAs about his memory of the first time he wore makeup.

in Los Angeles, California, when the rocker dropped by on her break to show her a little love.

The mother of four was dressed in a sparkling all-red outfit that put her legs on display, while Kaulitz was more casual in a green T-shirt and black cap.

Just go and search for the category you would like to test your knowledge in and prove that you are a real fan! i live at 4 Drake Avenue CM3 6TY Mayland, Chalmsford.

If you get this message come to my house Friday the 13th of April. Thats all I am going to say that it’s in July and can I get a shot out in the next video please I really need it.

ANNA KENDRICK doesn’t care if people think her musical movies are lame.

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