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DBSK's drama "Dating On Earth" is about the married life of a high school life of a couple.

The husband is a high school student and the wife is a class advisor.

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22 yaşında lise öğrencisi olan Yoochun'nun okuluna yeni bir öğretmen gelmiştir.

Üzücü bir geçmişi olduğu için öğretmen ona yardım etmek ister tabi Yoochun çok kıskanır.

Description All Item are Brand New New 2010 DBSK Drama Movie Dvd Format : Widescreen Language : Korean Subtitle : Excellent English Region : All Special : Behind the scene Payment : We accept Paypal Shipping : We ship worldwide, below are the rates 1.50 Insurance per item is optional.

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Please visit [ARCHIVE CREDITS] to thank the appropriate people who have helped provide the files I have here for downloading! Read the [Frequently Asked Questions] post first to see if there's a solution to your problem there. SP - Talk Shine (E)071103 NTV Music Fighter - Last Angel with Koda Kumi071103 Music Fair - Last Angel with Koda Kumi071110 NHK Music Japan - Last Angel with Koda Kumi071122 TBS Utaban - Last Angel with Koda Kumi071201 Tokyo Dome - Last Angel with Koda Kumi071103 Music Fair - Forever Love071116 Re MTV - Forever Love (Full)080118 Music Japan - Purple Line080126 Music Fighter - Purple Line080127 TVTokyo Melodix - Purple Line080128 HEY! D Repackaged Jacket Sketch15 Balloons (New Ver.) MV Sketch16 Talking About Balloons Costume17 Taiwan Asia Pacific Film Festival18 Hainan 2006 Stage19 2006 Winter SMTown Jacket Sketch20 Snow Dream MV Sketch21 SBS Golden Disk Awards Behind Story22 2nd Asia Concert Special Photo Sketch23 2007 May Monthly Photo Sketch24 S Magazine Photo Sketch25 AADBSK Season 2 Jacket Sketch26 2007 Summer SMTown Jacket Sketch Hidden Clips [Yoochun][Junsu][Changmin][Jaejoong][Yunho][Disc 1], Disc 2a [.001][.002], 2b - [Making of Always There MV][VCD] Red Sun Off Shoot [.001][.002][.003]Member Interviews (Eng Subbed)Exclusive Secret Story 2 (Balloons) (Eng Subbed)VACATION - English Subbed01 Introduction02 Chapter 1 - Cassiopeia (YH)03 Chapter 2 - Beautiful Life (JS & CM)04 Chapter 3 - The Way U Are (JJ)05 Chapter 4 - Eternal (YC)06 Ending NGs3rd Album Showcase Uncut Version [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006][.007]Memory Talks [Hug][Miduhyo][The Way U Are][Tri-Angle][Rising Sun][O Jung Ban Hap][Balloons Making Film Secret Code]Disc 1.1 [.001][.002][.003]Disc 1.2 [.001][.002][.003]Prince In Prague DVD Clip (Eng Subbed)Part 1 [.001][.002][.003][.004]Part 2 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005]Part 3 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005]Part 4 [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][DVD] A Week's Holiday (Photobook) (E)It's Stylish [.001][.002][.003]Camping [.001][.002][.003][.004]Special - Thai Press Conference [DVD] MKMF'08 - TVXQ Rehearsal & Backstage [001][002][003]1st Artist Book Tomorrow 000777 Days DVD Clip Shine Artist Book DVD Clip (E)Begin 6th Single Interview Sky Offshot Movie [Softsubs] Step By Step Offshot Movie [Softsubs] Miss You Offshot Movie Choosey Lover DVD Part 1 (Eng Subbed)Choosey Lover DVD Part 2 (Eng Subbed)Five In The Black Off Shot Movie [Softsubs]Lovin' You Off Shot Movie (Eng Subbed)Summer Dream Offshot Movie (E) [RMVB][AVI]Shine Offshot Movie Forever Love Offshot Movie [Softsubs]Together Offshot Movie Purple Line - Bangkok Offshot Movie Last Angel Offshot Movie T Offshot Movie (E)Beautiful You Offshot Movie Doushite KWSNNSD Offshot Movie Mirotic Offshot Movie Bolero Offshot Movie Survivor Offshot Movie The Secret Code Offshot Movie - Jacket Photography Kiss the Baby Sky Offshot Movie Share the World Offshot Movie Stand By U Offshot Movie Colors - Melody & Harmony Offshot Movie Break Out!

If it doesn't help you, then do leave a comment at RULES & FAQ page or Contact Me/email [email protected] Music Champ - Talk Summer Dream (E)071126 Best Hits'07 - Summer Dream070921 NHK Music Japan - Talk Shine (E)070924 HEY! Offshot Movie Xiah Junsu - Intoxication Offshot Movie Rhythm Nation 2006 (Backstage Cut) (E)Part 1 [.001][.002][.003]Part 2 - [01][02][03][04][05][06][07][08][09][10][11][12]Concert Commentary [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006][.007][.008][.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006][.007][.008]Encore[.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006][.007]3rd Live Tour Offshot Movie (GOE-SS}[Part 1][Part 2][Part 3][Part 4][Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4][Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8]Part 1 [.001][.002][.003][.004]Part 2 [.001][.002][.003]Extra Movie Part 1 [.001] [.002]Extra Movie Part 2 [.001] [.002] [.003](Credits: ONTVXQ Clubbox black_wing_kao @ dbsg LJ)[.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006][.007][.008][.009][.010][.011][.012][.013][.014][.015][.016][.017][.018][.019]Extra Movie - [.001][.002]*English Hardsubbed Part 1 [.001][.002][.003]Part 2 - [.001][.002]Extra Movie Part 1 [.001][.002]Extra Movie Part 2Extra Movie [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4][001][002][003][004][005][006][007][008][MU] [MF - .001,.002,.003,.004][MU] [MF - .001,.002,.003][NGs][MU] [MF - .001,.002,.003][MU] [MF - .001,.002,.003][NGs][MU] [MF - .001,.002][MU] [MF - .001,.002][NGs] (for both the above)[MU] MF - [.001][.002]Part 1 [MU][MF - .001,.002,.003]Part 2 [MU][MF - .001,.002](Eng Subbed)(audio in sync - edited by sekiei)MU - [.001][.002][.003][.004]MF - [.001][.002][.003][.004][.005][.006][.007][.008]Rainbow Romance Ep.

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