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Here are 5 freeware that combine Facebook and Twitter: two of the most popular social networks of today.

This single application interface is useful for users who have daily usage of social networking sites and Twitter accounts.

Just install the application in your Pc and add your Facebook and Twitter accounts to the Sobees Lite interface.

There are many social networks around that provide good options to stay connected with friends.

But this also causes a problem as many people use multiple social networks, and it sometimes becomes difficult to keep a tab on all of them.

Just authorize your email or social networking site to use Twitter account gadget along and your twitter account will be added to your mail account or Facebook account.

The freeware supports multiple Twitter accounts and thus you can access multiple Twitter accounts together.

With this tool, you can combine your social networking web sites and instant messaging services together at one place.

This will simplify your life, as you will be able to access all your accounts straight from one single interface and no need to log on to different web sites separately.

The application also alerts you about the recent posts and be the first one informed if anything that matters to you happens.

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