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Very simple online calculator - nothing superfluous: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.

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Log in and download this website widget free of charge: As you can see the widget combines clock and calendar.

You don't have to install aclock or calendar separately on your web page or blog.

The widget is placed on soft light background, which gives a clear contrast between them.

Arrows are wide and make it easy to understand what time is now.

They will easily feet the interior of the desktop and can be placed in any part of the monitor.

In addition, you can see even a digital version of a clock with numbers in blue color at the bottom, that easily fits into its design.

Here you can see an example of an analog clock widget. The clock colour is blue and white, its hands are white. Please visit our website and find yourself a nice widget that could catch your attention.

You can be sure your choice could make your page more attractive!

This clock is available among other widgets for websites: Here is one of our free widgets for website which is created in a very stylish and energetic design.

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