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This is why we imagined and started working on an app that will enable users to do just that - mimic other people's achievements, moves and ideas, no matter how challenging or wacky they might be.

Then, we will give them a way to show it to the world.

In general, several steps must be performed to create Destructible asset: Several examples of authoring process can be viewed here However, majority of the authoring features is not exclusive to Phys XLab - they are implemented in the APEX API itself, so one can integrate fracturing functionality in any existing editor.

Three slicing "patterns" are supported currently: APEX Destruction module deals with three kinds of objects: Destructible assets, which are destructible template objects that may be generated in the Phys XLab or directly using the fracturing API; Destructible actors, which are instances of Destructible assets; Destructible actor joints - special wrappers for Nx Joints which may be used to join an Destructible actor to another Destructible actor, an Phys X Actor, or to the static global reference frame.

This is a game - of the crypto-kitties ilk - the website tells us next to nothing about why you would by MIMI coins but from the description of the app one assumes it is a pyramid scheme popularity contest. Ratings and ICO analyzer results are being updated (re-calculated) every few hours.

If people are into that and think they can out-game their cohort, sure, have at it. Using Phys XLab / DCC Plug-in, users can take artist-provided meshes, split them into broken fragments and export generated Destructible assets in standart APEX asset (and .apb) file formats.Exported asset will include hierarchy of fractured meshes, collision information and physical material parameters, and support information for each chunk as well.Our Mimic app will be the first one that will implement the Mimi Coin as a payment currency and introduce it to the world.Mimic is a split screen app for Millennials where they can copy each other's moves in a fun way. Mimic is a movement that gives you the power of targeted virality.It’s a platform consisting of several key factors: people, communities, videos and, finally, the app that brings them all together.

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