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Here’s a more complete How-To-Whitewash (click on the link below the photo): Whitewashing is very forgiving.

If too much red or too much brown is showing through for your taste, just rub some more whitewash on.

In this post, I’ll give you some ideas, inspiration, and links to more information.

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Visions of curling up and reading near it, having wonderful conversations, singing Christmas carols, or just relaxing — that’s what you imagine when you see an inviting fireplace.

( If you would like to breathe new life into your fireplace, there are many options for you!

The matte gray looks cute in her eclectic house, but may not in your house!

And personally, I still would have used a more glossy paint even in this room.

Then, grab some paint and water and make your whitewash mixture: Then start brushing it on your brick or stone, and wipe off as you go!

You can decide how much brick you want to leave exposed and how much coverage you would like.

Check this one out from Greige Design: This is the process they used, according to Christina Fluegge of Greige Design: “They used the sprayer to get the even coverage on the stone.

Start with an Oil based primer, they used one from Home Depot- 2 coats.

If you get too much whitewash, simply rub off what you don’t want (if it’s already dried, sand it off).

Another way to whitewash is to use — no water needed, just concrete stain rubbed on and wiped off to your liking.

Once that is dry just apply the water based paint of your choice, we used Glidden Swan White (Semi Gloss).

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