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Once you've run the file or added the registry key manually, your PC will receive the patches for the Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities.

Microsoft has also released a set of Powershell one-liners that you can use to check if your PC installed the updates properly, or if you need additional firmware updates.

Microsoft says that currently, whenever users want to update Windows, its update system will check for that registry key on users' PCs.

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One of these tools is @BIOS which works for all the Gigabyte motherboards and inspite of the name can also upgrade the UEFI.

Here is how you can use it: Since the @BIOS utility sets the BIOS/UEFI to the default values, you may have to make some changes before it can work with your PC’s hardware configuration.

Depending on your computer's age, some OEM might not make these firmware updates available, meaning you'll be stuck with an incomplete Spectre patch.

If your laptop/desktop/server vendor has provided extra chipset firmware updates, you can get them from their official sites, install them, and complete the patch.

The motherboard manufacturers often provide you with these tools that can make the task very easy.

Gigabyte also provides many tools for their motherboards.

If everything is OK, all checks will appear in green-colored text, like so: When the output is all green and each item is set to True, as shown above, then you are now protected from these attacks.

Once you're done, remember to set the Powershell execution police back to a restricted mode, which may be useful in mitigating malware attacks that use Powershell to run malicious commands.

You can download the Gigabyte @BIOS utility from Site/121/tech_a_

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