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Reed more This year, the first open international event World ECDIS Day will take place in Hamburg, Germany.

On 16 September 2015, World ECDIS Day will bring together more than 300 stakeholders who have played or are playing an important role in the history of marine electronic navigation.

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The upgraded Brazil portfolio will include 23 charts.

Reed more Vesper Marine, New Zealand, has been awarded the contract to provide Virtual Automatic Identification System (AIS) beacons to mark seven reefs hazardous to shipping in the Bay of Plenty, as well as provide a coastal monitoring capability.

The State University of New York Maritime College will host the e-Navigation Underway 2015 – North America conference from 28 to 30 September 2015 on its Throggs Neck, N. The conference’s theme is: ‘Reducing Risk through E-Navigation’, following the pace of the IMO’s Correspondence Group on e-Navigation.

Reed more Transas Group is announcing changes in its brand positioning.

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