Sex cam grat - Updating component registration error

Hi, I am installing HP UFT 12.02 software of my Windows 7 machine.During the installation I continue to receive "Component Registrationg failed for:" message pop ups along with a file name that failed.For additional information on checking the event viewer, see the Windows Event Viewer in the Additional Information section of this document.

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I've installed plenty of games, from original Fallout to whatever Steam has handy, but a certain title today stops doing anything when I get "Updating Component Registration" and it's stayed there for 10 minutes.

I've already have the latest version of Direct X and all that, considering I am using Steam, so there's not much needed to install.

As mentioned, everything works but just this process takes too long.

We removed files and got the install down to just over a gig and it took -7min.

It installs a service called Bonjour that searches the network for other Bonjour-enabled machines.

The installation of Version Cue can fail if your firewall is unaware of this protocol and blocks it.

If you want to change the text, you will need to upgrade to Install Shield Professional so that you can edit the Action Text for the action (

Cause: The Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (MS DTC) Service could not be started, which is required for registering COM applications.

During the installation of e Copy Share Scan 5, three COM applications are installed.

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