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Should I fill datagridview with two SELECT statements without joined tables? Joining tables shouldn't make any difference as long as you update to exactly the same combination as you originally filled the DGV with the binding should take care of assigning the new values correctly. Load 'TODO: This line of code loads data into the 'Baza_podatkov Data Set.narocilo' table. Dim CONNECT_STRING As String = _ "Provider=Microsoft.

Load 'TODO: This line of code loads data into the 'Baza_podatkov Data Set.narocilo' table. Dim CONNECT_STRING As String = _ "Provider=Microsoft.

So back to the old style but with some changes which are entirely peculiar to Access databases (or rather Ole DB). Reviews: "dunfiddlin likes his Data Tables" - jmcilhinney Please be aware that whilst I will read private messages (one day! If my Update query contains where on end of it, then my records are not updating and I'm 99% that my st_artikla is on 1'st position in my joined table.

When a dataset has related tables, Visual Studio generates a Table Adapter Manager class that you use to do the updates.

The Table Adapter Manager class ensures that updates are made in the correct order based on the foreign-key constraints that are defined in the database.

This line in Form_Load should be throwing an object reference error: Data Grid View1. Fill(my Data Set, "Table1") Then you try to access it with "My Table". Then in the button click sub, make that reference the same.

Validate() First, how are you getting this to actually load? Default View In the previous line, you name the table in the dataset "Table1": my DA. So either change Table1 to My Table, or vice versa.The Data Grid View control can display rows of data from a data source. The Data Grid View can display data in Bound mode, unbound mode and Virtual mode . Close() End Sub Private Sub Data Grid View1_Cell End Edit(By Val sender As System. Cell End Edit Dim CONNECT_STRING As String = _ "Provider=Microsoft. Load Dim con As Ole Db Connection = New Ole Db Connection("Provider=oledb.4.0;data source=|Data Directory|\test.mdb") ' Use relative path to database file Dim cmd As Ole Db Command = New Ole Db Command("SELECT * FROM Table1", con) con.

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