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His schoolwork was excellent; his handwriting much older than his years and his attention to detail and homework quite superb.

He had been a joy to teach and never got into trouble with anyone. It was a bit of a struggle making ends meet while working and saving.

However, should he let the Pentacle slip away between his fingers through negligence and lack of thought or planning, it would be very hard to get it back again.

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Never would he do anything silly that would endanger his Pentacle or weaken its worth.

In The Two of Pentacles he set straight to work and found a way to double his gift.

Before he headed off on his path, Spirit told him that ‘when you have nothing, it is hard to get anything but when you have something, it is easy to get more’.

Therefore if he worked his Pentacle well, it would yield more Pentacles which would yield even more Pentacles and so on and so on.

Friends and family barely saw him as he was putting all his time, energy and resources into his ambitious goal.

The Pentacle’s Man knew that this was his chance and he was going to throw himself totally into the job at hand.

It had happened to him, imagine him, a Pentacle Man falling on hard times? It happened back in the Five of Pentacles when he lost everything except the shirt off his back. With this Pentacle he could really do something, make something of himself and build a good life for any family that came along.

He had got off to a marvelous start in the Ace, when Spirit handed him his first Pentacle and nudged him towards the pathway that led out of the garden and off into the hills. Spirit told him to use the Pentacle wisely and not to waste it on trivial items.

He had left little to chance and had sought the advice of experts instead of jumping in without a clue in the world.

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