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I'm hoping to have it fully updated by the time the new expansion releases next month.As a reminder, anyone who purchases this guide will receive each update to the guide as it is released, at no additional cost.I have updated my Powerleveling Guide for Rogues (both the Adobe .

Normally, you would think that a level 14 character would naturally be more powerful than a level 10 character, however due to the way stats scale between the two levels, higher level characters actually get less benefit out of certain stats.

You can see this in action by looking at the Hit% and Crit% columns of my Rogue Twink Armor chart.

With the 5.0.4 patch, many weapons received double their previous Min/Max damage values and most 1.4 speed daggers were changed to 1.8 speed, so my charts have been updated to reflect those various changes.

I still need to update the remaining weapons in my lower level twink charts.

I've updated my Rogue Glyphs chart with Mo P glyphs.

After working on that chart, I realized that PVP/PVE/Lvlg columns could be useful in my Rogue Talent Tree Analysis chart, so I've updated that chart with those categories.

After 8 years, my desire to play World of Warcraft has finally waned.

Shadow will remain online in its current form indefinitely, but I will no longer be updating any charts or guides. As a final gift, I've made my Powerleveling Guide for Rogues available to all as a free download. I've updated my Level 90 Rogue Pawn scales with the latest AEP/MAEP values.

I've created a new Rogue Talent Specs chart for Mists of Pandaria which provides sample talent specs and glyph suggestions for each build.

Players can use this chart to easily compare talents and available glyphs within each level range.

I've updated the source and location information for hundreds of items in my endgame Rogue Armor and Weapons charts.

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