gibson hardware dating - Updating garmin nuvi 255

I see the 2015.10 file is in a /Garmin directory on the SD card & on the 255w is the /Garmin directory but not sure if it is as simple as copying & paste over the file?

On the 255w are many others files in the /Garmin directory so not so sure how to proceed?

updating garmin nuvi 255-16

This does not happen when Europe is installed through restarts, 2012 stays unchecked. I can & have moved the 2015.10 map to any SD card i want. It came on an SD card much bigger than the -3gb it is so i copied it to a 4gb card from an 8 and it works fine. If so, they should not be copy-able to another SD card and still work.

It came on an SD card much bigger than the -3gb it is so i copied it to a 4gb card from an 8 and it works fine. Learning the filenames and sizes of the various files on the SD cards may help identify which of the following options give the results you've found.

Plus, I am totally new to a Garmin GPS and or these little old school portables GPS, so I have/had no idea how any of this works with maps and updating and such. You could attach the 255 to your computer and find the file on the Nuvi called

That is the main map file which should be the NA 2012 map file.

If you rename that file to something like gmapprom.

NA and leave your SD card in the device, the North American maps should not be seem and the maps on the SD card should be used on boot up.

Edit: The file is a checksum and is not needed to use the map. Well, unfortunately it sounds like you purchased purloined maps loaded on an old GPS, so there's not much you can do.

If you purchased a legitimate download from Garmin, as part of the map download, you would be presented with some options to load various parts of the new 2015.1 maps on the GPS and the remainder on an SD card ...

3) The maps on SD cards, if they appear as Garmin maps and if they both work on multiple devices and work after being moved to a different SD card, may well be pirated Garmin maps and should not be discussed on this web site. I suspect, looking at the setup I bought used, and your explanation, that these maps were not bought from Garmin direct. Whereas the 255w has /Garmin/ and then maybe 27 different folders and files, one of which is name but is tiny in file size while is much bigger.

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