Updating home entry dating activities in atlanta

To really love the home you’re in and increase potential buyers’ interest, choose updates that will make living in your home easier.

For the small renovation budget of ,000, you could complete any one of the projects below to boost the appeal, functionality and value of your home.

If you have previously registered and want to make an edit to your entry (upgrade, downgrade, defer, change your address, change your shirt size, etc.).

You will need to CLAIM YOUR ENTRY before having access to make these edits.

To take advantage of this offer please log into Run Sign Up and Click Here to manage your registration.

Click the DEFER REGISTRATION option in the menu and process your deferral payment.

You will go to one of our event websites, click on the REGISTER button and sign up for the race as you normally do.

You may notice some changes in the layout, but in the end, you will sign up and pay for your race entry like always.(NOTE- If you registered after Feb 15, 2018, you will already have access to your RACE MANAGEMENT settings and will be able to make these adjustments.) The Run Sign Up platform does simplify some things for you in the future.When you register next year or for other CSE events (or even other races using Run Sign Up) most of your contact information will be saved and pre-populate into the form, saving you from the key-strokes of re-entering this data again.If you have any questions or concerns, or have trouble claiming or accessing your entry, please email .EDIT REGISTRATION Need to make a change to your registration?You will not be given a refund for the difference in entry fee.

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