Updating jscript intellisense

This adds better support for HTML5, CSS3 and new Java Script features to ALL versions of Visual Studio.

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Folks have been asking "When will VS2010 support HTML5?

As you work with client script in the Java Script editor, Intelli Sense lists the objects, functions, properties, and parameters that are available based on your current context.

You can select a coding option from the pop-up list provided by Intelli Sense to complete the code.

This update will therefore add intellisense to the most popular vocabularies including and Things like geolocation via navigator.geolocation and DOM storage via window.local Storage. NET and HTML5 editing people who want to use HTML5, new Java Script features and CSS3.

Here's a slightly less trivial snippet of HTML5 and Java Script using some new local storage features and showing the intellisense. I didn't mention Silverlight because it has nothing to do with Silverlight.

So, this post is about our beloved IDE instead of actual code. Note that you can now kiss your Visual Studio 2010 settings and preferences goodbye (your projects will be safe and sound). DELETE (or rename) all other folders that are not the “11.0” folder, assuming you used to have Visual Studio 2008 or whatever.

I recently upgraded my home PC from Visual Studio 2010 and 11 Beta to Visual Studio 2012. ” and then, after a swig of beer, proceeded to exercise my Google-Fu to solve this issue. Here you’ll see a folder titled “11.0” (the VS 2012 folder) and probably also “10.0” (the VS 2010 folder). Now restart Visual Studio 2012 and you should be good to go!

Note that for this fix to work, you have to abandon Visual Studio 2010 or 11 PERMANENTLY.

You don’t have to uninstall either of them, but if you open a solution in them it seems you’ll re-break Visual Studio 2012. Maybe a hotfix will come out eventually to fix this issue. If your Intellisense is anything but intelligent, and has stopped working, do the following: 1.

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