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Use no more than 50 words and make each sentence a strong selling point. Organising and planning comes as second nature to me and I take great pride in the detail of tasks This is where you show the skills you have that will suit the job you want. These could be good to include if they're relevant to you: Interests outside of work help employers get a more rounded picture of you.

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Unless you’re looking for a job, your CV is probably sitting around somewhere as a boring text document gathering dust, in fact I’d wager you can’t remember were you put your CV! After discovering a CV inspiration post with 40 or so CV samples, of which none were usable templates, and the rest were overly creative, I decided it was time to update my curriculum vitae template.

Better to keep it up to date instead of finding 5 years down the line,you can’t recall what you did, when.

Remember that sophisticated or highly aesthetic CV’s may impress, but should not detract from the data you would like to get across. This is a paragraph or two at the beginning of the CV that acts like an executive summary of your governance experience, and indicates your board room style and strengths.

It is useful to note your behavioural/emotional intelligence skills.

You can either give details of your previous employers here (their name, job title and phone number) or just write 'References available on request'.

If you put someone's details here make sure you've checked with them that they're happy with this as your potential employer could call them without telling you.

Your CV is designed to do one thing: get you an interview.

However, on average your potential employer will only spend between 20-30 seconds on your CV.

That's why it's crucial to get it right from the start.

To help you see what kind of information to include on your CV here is our guide.

When was the last time you updated your Curriculum Vitae (CV) , Resume or cover letter?

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