Adult webcam page - Updating navigon 2100

See the third and fourth pictures for more detail on how the back cover is held on.

There was some small pieces of adhesive/double stick tape also holding on my rear cover, but the hold was not very strong (see fifth picture). There was no way to access the battery, so I dove deeper in.

He was sure all he needed to do was pop off the rear cover and drop in the new $15 US battery. THIS PROCESS IS LIKELY TO VOID ANY WARRANTY YOU MAY HAVE AND REQUIRES CARE TO SUCCESSFULLY COMPLETE!

This process involves completely removing the guts of the unit and disconnecting components that are not intended to be user serviceable. This instructable is intended to provide information I was previously unable to find on the disassembly of the unit.

Use your finger nails or the flat screw driver to pry off the back cover.

Start from the side opposite the SD card slot (as seen in the second picture).

Push the screen through with the thumbs and remove the plastic frame.

support the screen and remove the plastic from over the cable from the PCB.This will release the cable that can then be carefully slid out.Place the screen in a safe place where it will not get damaged.The service is completely free and covers almost anything you can think of (from cars to computers, handyman, and even drones).The battery on my brother's GPS unit no longer holds a charge, so he went online and found a replacement.The fifth picture shows the location of the four case screws.

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