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Review your data in light of these factors and decide how many tablespaces you need for your database design.

tablespace is the first tablespace created at database creation.

Note: When you allocate a data file for a locally managed tablespace, you should allow space for metadata used for space management (the extent bitmap or space header segment) which are part of user space.

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It is managed as any other tablespace, but requires a higher level of privilege and is restricted in some ways.

For example, you cannot rename or drop the tablespace, is also always created when you create a database.

(In a database with 2K blocks, each extent would be equivalent to 64 database blocks).

Each 128K extent is represented by a bit in the extent bitmap for this file.

It is also self-tuning, in that it scales with increasing number of users or instances.

In an Oracle Real Application Clusters environment, automatic segment space management allows for a dynamic affinity of space to instances.

Create only enough tablespaces to fulfill your needs, and create these tablespaces with as few files as possible.

If you must increase the size of a tablespace, then add one or two large data files, or create data files with autoextension enabled, rather than creating many small data files.

These are records generated by the database that are used to roll back, or undo, changes to the database for recovery, read consistency, or as requested by a is also a good choice if it is not important for you to have a lot of control over space allocation and deallocation, because it simplifies tablespace management.

Some space may be wasted with this setting, but the benefit of having Oracle Database manage your space most likely outweighs this drawback.

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