Updating roof antenna in co ops

This way it's OK for the Polaris to have Azimuth Determination.

Real Time Kinematic (RTK) is the surveying term for a GPS receiver that tracks while it is being moved.

as of July 2010 I suspect that a Software Defined Radio type architecture is used.

This means that the DAGR/Polaris can receive the in development L1C, L2C, L5 and M codes with just a firmware upgrade.

There are similar augmentation systems for other parts of the world.

The L5 signal allows for ionospheric corrections making aircraft (and all other) systems much more accurate.

But in the surveying application there's a radio link from the base station to the rover and the actual position of the rover is known.

The North Finding system does not need to know the actual position of either point.

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Since both bearing and distance between the two locations is calculated this can be used as a surveying method.

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