Updating rosters on nba 2k9

NBA 2K18 provides you with two very unique experiences, that couldn’t be more different from each other.

My GM: The Next Chapter will be the story-based narrative described above, while My LEAGUE will continue to live and grow as our fan-favorite franchise mode that affords the user complete customization and control over their league.

Centered around you, the GM, you will need to navigate backroom scenarios while dealing with expectations from your owner, your staff, the press, other GMs, and of course, your players.

Over the past many years, we have added feature after feature to our My GM and My LEAGUE modes.

During that time, the line between the two modes became fairly blurred, in my opinion.

With NBA 2K18, we are introducing an experience you won’t find in any other game; a narrative-driven story-based franchise experience that maintains all of the user control and team building aspects that you have grown to love from My GM over the years.

While My CAREER focuses on your life as an NBA player out to achieve superstardom, My GM: The Next Chapter aims to view the NBA world from the complete opposite perspective.

– NBA 2K15 brought us the wildly popular My LEAGUE mode; an experience that brought forth the tenet of complete user control and customization.

– NBA 2K16 introduced Team Relocation, giving you the ability to relocate your teams to new cities, and create entire new arena/court floor/uniform designs.

Just know that the intent is for an engaging experience that steers clear of the typical sports clichés you may be conjuring up in your head.

As a franchise diehard myself, I understand the importance and integrity of team building to your franchise experience.

Supporting the new changes was never a question; our continued aim is to be fully authentic. The following are some quick hits of changes that we have implemented to show you the breadth of our coverage of the changes, no matter how minute they may be: – Super Max Contracts: We all read about Steph Curry’s 5yr/1M contract this summer.

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