Updating suse 9 2

When you search for a piece of software to install within Ya ST2 ─ a software title you know exists for Linux ─ and it doesn’t appear in the search results, most likely Ya ST2 simply doesn’t know where to find it.

Because of this, you have to tell Ya ST2 where that software can be found: a software repository.

Updates are handled from within the same Ya ST2 sub-section (Software).

updating suse 9 2-11

Sit back and enjoy or go about administering your other machines or network.

Once the update completes, reboot the machine (if prompted) and enjoy the latest iteration of your software packages.

To resolve any issues, click Continue when presented with the dependency resolutions.

If the kernel is being updated, Ya ST will inform you that a reboot will be necessary.

However, if you opt to remove packages, from the upgrade list, know that they can impact other upgrades as well.

If you’re okay with the list, click Accept and the upgrade will begin.

The easiest way to get to Ya ST2 is to open up the KDE “K” menu and type “yast” in the search field (Figure 1).

When the Ya ST2 entry appears, click it to fire up the tool.

Click that icon and search hundreds of thousands of apps to install.

With open SUSE, you won’t find that launcher so up front and center, but the tool is easy to locate and easy to use.

Now we get into something that may be a bit more challenging to newcomers. Software repositories are simply online locations that house packages for installation.

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