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​ The 27th Amendment passed back in 1992 now seems like a historical footnote, rather than a prophetic statement of values.

It stopped Congress from hiking its salaries mid-session, a symbolic act that did little to improve the public’s opinion of Capitol Hill.

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At the southern tip of Manhattan, the World Trade Center towers stood as two exclamation points on a magnificent skyline.

– If I were able to amend the Constitution by a wave of a wand, I'd try to find some way to make the 10th Amendment more effective.

The rights of states have gradually been so eroded that it's creating a congestion of taxes and regulations and paper work.

Instead, courts often defer to state-based voting laws and administration. It should contain a provision that Congress must reduce spending proportionately across areas of the federal budget and that tax increases must maintain the present progressivity of the tax code, phased in within ten years of the amendment’s passage.

Without a constitutional mandate, politicians and other citizens simply will not have the will to make the changes necessary to address our looming fiscal crisis.

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