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" If they find they're spending time building things that aren't in the press release (overbuilding), they need to ask themselves why.This keeps product development focused on achieving the customer benefits and not building extraneous stuff that takes longer to build, takes resources to maintain, and doesn't provide real customer benefit (at least not enough to warrant inclusion in the press release).Additionally, a set of pull-down menus provides additional management and monitoring functions.

The BOINC Manager window can be opened from the BOINC icon in the notification area (Windows) or Dock (Mac OS X). If you are using an older version, please upgrade now.

The controls in the Advanced View are divided into six main sections, which can be selected using the tabs across the top of the window.

Instead, the product manager should keep iterating on the press release until they've come up with benefits that actually sound like benefits. Keep working at it until the outline for each paragraph flows.

Iterating on a press release is a lot less expensive than iterating on the product itself (and quicker! Here's an example outline for the press release: If the press release is more than a page and a half, it is probably too long. Oh, and I also like to write press-releases in what I call "Oprah-speak" for mainstream consumer products.

The Notices tab shows project News items, images, videos, simple problems you can fix in BOINC and information from the project (such as when private messages arrive).

The Projects tab shows information about the projects in which this computer is participating. You can use the Columns selection window to choose which columns you want to show in the different tabs.

Internal press releases are centered around the customer problem, how current solutions (internal or external) fail, and how the new product will blow away existing solutions. You can accompany the press release with a FAQ that answers all of the other business or execution questions so the press release can stay focused on what the customer gets.

If the benefits listed don't sound very interesting or exciting to customers, then perhaps they're not (and shouldn't be built). My rule of thumb is that if the press release is hard to write, then the product is probably going to suck.

In this thread, Refreshing Web Appbuilder Stan Mc Shinsky asks how to refresh WAB.

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