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Full details in the post below, including details on what happens if you and a friend are already on the program.On January 23, 2006, a bloody war was triggered by a simple sound: the banging of a gong.

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We’re proud of all we have achieved, but we won’t rest on our laurels: we are hard at work gearing up for 2018—with more teams, more talent, and more epic battles that will have us all on the edge of our seats.

Episode 6, the last in the current Gladiator's Summit series, is now live!

Allied Races are here, but recruiting them to your faction takes more than a smile and a handshake.

We’ve put together some basic information and tips on building your Reputation and checking off all the right boxes so you can convince them to your side. The Wo W Remote Auction House will be deactivated on April 18, 2018.

If you have any problems after an update you may need to Repair Your Zygor Guides Installation or see our Troubleshooting section for solutions to common problems.

You can also find help on our official Community Forums where other Zygor Guide users engage in conversations and help one another out.

The easiest way to see if there is a new update available is to run the Zygor Client.

If you no longer have the Client installed on your computer you can login into the Members Area and download it again.

Thanks Steve Orcot, Make sure that your LAN settings and Internet Explorer settings are set correctly. Please be aware that running while in this mode can potentially disable any security programs you may have running. Let's try deleting those files, so that they can be redownloaded.

Here's a support article that will help: Disabling Proxy Settings______________________________________________________Orcot,1. Here's a support article with steps on how run the selective startup: Closing Background Applications______________________________________________________Thanks again Dankorii, I have tried this as well and still it hands when checking for updates and then just comes up with a connection error even though my connection is fine and hasnt changed.

Blizzard’s celebration of games, esports, and community returns!

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