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It will enable you to grasp all the notions behind Vaadin one step at a time: components, layouts, events, containers, and bindings.You will learn to build first-class web applications using best-of-breed technologies.

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It is designed to make the art of programming of web applications easier by making assumptions about what every developer needs to get started.

It allows you to write less code while accomplishing more than many other languages and frameworks.

There are several curated lists of online resources for learning Kotlin: Note: If you have no prior experience with Kotlin nor Vaadin, you might get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of the new stuff we will learn.

Therefore, we recommend to take slow steps and get familiar with both Vaadin and Kotlin first.

Note: Traditionally both Java EE and Spring acted as this “glue” which held various frameworks together.

But, with the advent of the Kotlin programming language, we believe that the features of the Kotlin programming language alone are all that’s necessary in the modern programming.

Feel free to experiment on the Karibu-DSL Hello World Example at any time: Vo K basically uses Karibu-DSL under the hood, therefore the lessons learned in the Karibu-DSL Hello World example will be applicable in the Vo K-based apps later on.

Vo K is a glue between Vaadin, Kotlin and other frameworks which allows you to write web apps smoothly.

Learning Vaadin: Second Edition is a practical, step-by-step tutorial to understanding, using, and mastering the art of RIA development with Vaadin.

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