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Values for the Order Type and Customer fields of this form default to those for the order number you enter here. * Auto Pick Confirm –Yes/No Inventory tab: * Warehouse: Select the Warehouse * Sub inventory: Select the Sub inventory * Pick Slip Grouping Rule: To determine how released picking lines are grouped onto pick slips.* Default Stage Sub inventory: Select the Default Stage Sub inventory Click on Execute Now Button to complete the pick release of the order.

Here we can also check the availability of the order. Once saved the Order Status is changed to ‘Entered’.

Key Tables: * OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL – All header information is stored here.

Normally pick release SRS program runs in background .

Once the program get completed these are the table get affected: * OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL (flow_status_code ‘PICKED’ ) * WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS (released_status ‘S’ ‘submitted for release’ ) * mtl_txn_request_headers * mtl_txn_request_lines * Mtl_material_transactions_temp (link to above tables through move_order_header_id/line_id Step 4] Pick Confirm the Order: If Auto Pick Confirm in the above step is set to NO, then the following should be done.

Once you choose a particular item, navigate to the order management tab, and make sure it is customer orderable, shippable i.e these check boxes are enabled.

Also make sure this particular inventory item, is part of the price list that you mentioned at the ordered header.

Navigation: Inventory Super User Transact Move Order In the HEADER tab, enter the BATCH NUMBER (from the above step) of the order. Click on VIEW/UPDATE Allocation, then Click TRANSACT button.

Then Transact button will be deactivated then just close it and go to next step.

* OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL – All the line information is stored here.

Step 2] Order Book : When we book the order, we are just confirming and freezing our order.

* oe_order_lines_all (flow_status_code ‘closed’, open_flag “N”) Read more: TS0 ORDER MANAGEMENT(USEFUL INFORMATION) -- ORDER MANAGEMENT Order Management is all about entering, booking,fulfilling the customer orders. Typically an order consists of a Order header and order lines,with each line corresponding to an inventory item. Now we should also choose item corresponding to the org_id that we are in.

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