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It then shows the transaction details on its own screen to the user for confirmation before generating the TAN.As it is independent hardware, coupled only by a simple communication channel, the TAN generator is not susceptible to attack from the user's computer.A Chip TAN generator is not tied to a particular account; instead, the user must insert their bank card during use.

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However, the TAN generated is not tied to the details of a specific transaction.

Because the TAN is valid for any transaction submitted with it, it does not protect against phishing attacks where the TAN is directly used by the attacker, or against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Prior to entering the i TAN, the user is presented a CAPTCHA, which in the background also shows the transaction data and data deemed unknown to a potential attacker, such as the user's birthdate.

This is intended to make it hard (but not impossible) for an attacker to forge the CAPTCHA.

In-between obtaining the cloned/replacement SIM and the victim noticing their phone no longer works, the attacker can transfer/extract the victim's funds from their accounts.

In 2016 a study was conducted on SIM Swap Fraud by a social engineer, revealing weaknesses in issuing porting numbers. 7 used for SMS transmission was published, which allows interception of messages.

There are two variants: In the older variant, the transaction details (at least amount and account number) must be entered manually.

In the modern variant, the user enters the transaction online, then the TAN generator reads the transaction details via a flickering barcode on the computer screen (using photodetectors).

When the user initiates a transaction, a TAN is generated by the bank and sent to the user's mobile phone by SMS.

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