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Anyway, Fox said in a previous interview that the beginning of her second pregnancy wasn't so pleasant.

"I’ve had rough first trimesters," she told ABC News. Read Full Story Getty Images Add Vanessa Marcil to the list of celebs who tied the knot this weekend.

The two are said to be "very close" and have reportedly been hooking up for some time now. On a side note, Marcil has a 7-year-old son with actor Brian Austin Green and was even married to Corey Feldman for about four years back in the early '90s.

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Read Full Story Vanessa Marcil who plays the part of Sam Marquez in the NBC TV series Las Vegas was kidnapped in the last eposide of Season 4 by a 'whale'.

The whale earlier proposed Sam, but Sam only accepted his offer if he agreed to pay off the fine Montecito owed to the IRS.

Marcil and Green have an son named Kassius together, which means the 8-year-old has gained two new step parents in the last month!

Vanessa was previously married to Corey Feldman from 1989...

Later in 2012, he filed a case on his former girlfriend that Marcil owes him 200 thousand dollars in 2000.

Judge ruled against Marcil and informed that Marcil could sue him for the frivolous lawsuit. Her close relationship with Jillian Michaels, an American trainer who has announced her orientation to the public.

They did not move in together during these two years.

Vanessa broke up with Green, a little after their son was born.

In 2010, she got married to Carmine Giovinazzo in a secret ceremony.

However, they got married and stayed as partner for two years.

Read Full Story Vanessa Marcil (born October 15, 1968) is an American actress known for her roles in the television series "General Hospital" and "Las Vegas." Find more pictures, videos and articles about Vanessa Marcil here.

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