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I am fascinated by how teenagers grow up into adulthood…or rather how all the powers that be work together to keep young people immature for as long as possible (teenagers are the best consumers so it behooves marketers to keep young people teens until 30) In Websex, Nathalie Emmanuel follows teens who use the Web and mobile technology to hook up.

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In order to keep Skout on my phone I have taken to putting it on Airplane mode when it’s time to sleep (That is easier than changing the notification setting in the app every time.) Other than that the geolocation seems accurate enough to be useful.

I enjoy the fact that I can use the app to direct attention to people who are conveniently located.

I created a profile description and was rejected for being explicit.

Since the app message was robotic in nature I suspected that the system simply flagged me for an inappropriate word.

All my relationships are between 2-20 years long 🙂 I plan to remove the application because my success rate with men is so much greater with those I meet in person inadvertently or by chance or though common friends. Much of the profiles for men in my age range (40 ) seem fishy.

I find myself entertaining men with funny/unusual/sexy banter on such sites but it rarely turns into a situation where I am ALSO intrigued in return so it can only be a pastime and not a love finding tool. As with any system that is somewhat anonymous, there are plenty of people who misrepresent themselves on Skout.

I am going to try to look at new ways to hook up in this post.

No it is not a story of wild adventurous sex but rather a woman’s description of a mobile app experience with way too much geekyness thrown in.

Of course SEX ED should be doled out in great details to kids 12 , something I have outlined in great details before.

But I am more worried about people using this system to target young women in their area in order to stalk them, or create relationship with huge power imbalances, the kind of relationships older men conduct with younger women in their early twenties.

It is a very interesting documentary if you can find it.

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