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Drop Handle will add some children to this element to facilitate external drop events. The input is completely transparent so the contents underneath is visible but at the same time a dropped object lands on the input triggering its DOM events.

This option specifies the class name assigned to this input.

When givne a single array parameter acts similarly to parameterless form — returns event map of those particular events.

When givne one object parameter — an event map — all its handlers are added (values can be either functions or arrays, namespaces are not supported by this call form).

Also note that defined properties that are property (object with keys = event names and values = arrays of functions).

Before calling handlers of obj looks if global configuration has a preview handler specified — if it does then calls that handler and if it returns non-) but is mainly used to handle all drag & drop operations in a cross-browser way. Main File Drop class extends it and listens for produced drop events. If such element doesn’t exist an exception is thrown when trying to create the class.

Below are some examples — look in the docs and sources for complete info. skip First, if given, omits specified number of elements from the start. then base’s properties will replace those in child even if child has its own properties of that name.

File Drop makes extensive use of events and lets you customize virtually every aspect of the drag & drop or upload process by intercepting and overriding default handlers. Note that it doesn’t clone child, it’s edited in-place.

Unlike File API events that let you decide what to do with the file — read, upload or descrad it — was changed according to onchange event.

There’s no way to make sure it was populated or retrieve any info about the file — this can only be done by the server which may return something useful in response.

Since two parameter-long calls return this you can easily chain multiple calls to the object methods like in j Query.

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