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This cross-divisional team, the Patch Management Task Force, solicited feedback from all sizes of organizations across the world.

Based on this extensive customer engagement, the Patch Management Task Force distilled the input into four key areas of focus: Keeping IT professionals informed about software updates and security updates represents a crucial component to helping customers take the necessary and appropriate actions as they manage operational risks.

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However, Microsoft readily admits that communicating clearly has proven to be a daunting challenge at times.

For example, customers searched four different Web sites for security update management content and complained that the security rating levels were unclear and that terminology and naming conventions were inconsistent.

Introduction Protecting the IT Infrastructure Microsoft Technologies for Security and Software Update Management Futures: Streamlining the Patch and Update Management Process Related Links With more devices and mobile users accessing corporate networks, a consistent stream of security updates from software and hardware vendors, expanding footprints for systems and applications, almost daily identification of new security threats, and a much more sophisticated hacking community, IT professionals face immense challenges in implementing an effective software update management strategy.

This white paper reviews recent security trends that exemplify the need for strong patch and update management methodologies.

Increasingly, improving security means improving systems management.

Consistent, repeatable processes, reliable auditing and reporting against policy, and effective change control can drastically reduce the level of uncertainty and risk throughout the IT infrastructure.And, as the security trends discussed previously indicate, an effective security management strategy must ensure that software remains up-to-date and as fully protected as possible from worms, viruses, and other information security breaches.By implementing an effective security management strategy, organizations reap the following business benefits: Microsoft—through a variety of security initiatives—offers products, resources, prescriptive guidance, training, and partners, designed to help customers keep their IT infrastructures healthy and to enjoy the benefits and peace of mind a secure computing environment brings.Update files can also be downloaded from these pages if required e.g.if your computer does not have an Internet connection. Note: No reinstallation of the program is needed for virus database updates!Learn how to design and create a website with our web design tutorials.

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