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The Bible answers all of these questions about forgiveness and reconciliation.The Bible Says Forgiveness and Reconciliation Are Connected but Are Not the Same The Bible commands that we must always forgive people their wrongs against us no matter how great the offense.We have always sinned against God more than others have sinned against us, and since God offers his forgiveness regardless of our offenses he expects us to do the same (Matthew -35).

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On a related note, there are several major opinions on what the Bible years, including: biographies, histories, manuals of rules and laws, songs and ritual prayers, advice for living like in Paul's letters, and divine revelations.

(For the traditional Jewish perspective, strike out the words "and Christ" and "like in Paul's letters," and reduce the number of years by two to six hundred years.) There is debate among Christians over just what "divinely inspired" entails; some say this means everything in the Bible should be taken completely at face value, while others hold that some parts (like the book of Genesis, for example) are meant to be taken as allegorical or symbolic writings, not to be interpreted literally.

The Gnostics did not accept the idea of canon at all, nor any central religious authority.

Thus, pretty much every Gnostic collection of scripture contained different sets of documents, some orthodox canon and some written locally.

Historically, it resulted in some of the the most devastating Flame Wars ever, and in actual wars as well.

It's worth noting that dating the Bible (no, not that) is one of the most contentious issues surrounding it.The latter view is held by most mainline Protestant denominations and is the official position of the Catholic Church.Another set of interpretations was from what is now called, collectively, Gnosticism.Before we get to the tropes used in the Bible, it should be noted that there are several different traditions as to what the Bible contains; while most material is shared, historically members of religious groups have decided to include or exclude different writings.The Book of Tobit, The Book of Judith, the Maccabees books, and many others are included in some traditions' orthodoxy and wholly ignored by others' (as is the entire New Testament, for that matter).The consensus secular view, which mainline Protestants and Catholics more or less accept, is that the first five books (the Pentateuch or Torah), along with some of the histories were compiled around 450 BC, from four source texts, the oldest of which dates back to about 800 BC.

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