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Maybe she can steal his toilet to teach him a lesson.

The show ends with Bryan successfully managing to control Brie's fashion choices. I sort feel like flying Gloria Steinman down to Arizona to give him a talking to.

And the matchup of Langston and Kaitlyn would also be somewhat understandable since both are regarded as powerhouses in their respective divisions.

Kaitlyn is arguably the most physically intimidating Diva in the company at the moment, especially since Beth Phoenix's exit in late 2012.

Langston walked out on AJ as she yelled after him that she was only trying to help him.

And a face turn could be a good idea for the young powerhouse, as the company is currently without any main event monster to face competitors.For weeks on end, the WWE Universe was left to wonder who exactly would be revealed as the secret admirer of Divas champion Kaitlyn.After a brief tease at the outset of the storyline that it would be the Bella Twins, the individual was revealed to be World Heavyweight champion Dolph Ziggler's "heavy," Big E Langston. The implications were mighty, as Langston was aligned with Ziggler and his main squeeze, AJ, who also happens to be the No. Langston appeared to be sincere, dressed nicely and carrying flowers to the ring.But a feud with Ziggler would be the biggest thing to come out of this proposed relationship.The company seemed to plant a seed of discontent between Langston and AJ several weeks ago when the latter cost the former a match against Alberto Del Rio.Guys like Khali, Brodus Clay and Tensai seem to exist to put over other burgeoning talents. He is young, agile for his size and full of promise.

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