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Cayden Michael Boyd is a well-known American actor who has made his name in the acting fraternity for the roles he has played in the 2005 film of Robert Rodriguez named The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D.

Daniel Fienberg of The Hollywood Reporter gave the series a negative review and called the show "a pale imitation" of the 1989 film, and finishing saying, "Having the high school tyranny associated with a gang of students who, in a different era, might have been marginalized produces a dark and almost reactionary undercurrent in which the disenfranchised aren't being bullied, but rather are wielding identity politics and political correctness as weapons". The premiere of the rebooted cult classic, now airing for free online, takes place in a universe — clearly a fictional one—where the football team is oppressed and yesteryear’s fat, queer, and black victims now rule the school with manicured fists.

The show feels like it was written for aging Fox News viewers who get angry about people’s gender pronouns — which is odd because it’s clearly being marketed to a young and therefore progressive-leaning audience who may not remember the ...

The net worth of Cayden has not been known much about.

However, it can be said that he has managed to accumulate a great amount of it.

Heathers is an upcoming American anthology television series based on the film of the same name written by Daniel Waters.

The first season, consisting of ten episodes, is set to premiere on the Paramount Network sometime in 2018.

The next morning Heather's suicide note has gone viral.

A flashback to earlier that morning, however, reveals that Heather Chandler survived and is still alive."The reason I changed the Heathers surface identities is I think today [the characterization] rings true.

They were to all be the daughters of the two surviving Heathers.

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