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Then, Citibank hired him as a high-yield sales manager and later he got promoted to a managing director for the Citigroup's.

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The couple charges on a low-key neck, but they are very relaxing in the minority network. Before, attended Is erin burnett married or dating Award in Williamstown and every economics and go science.

He is the husband of popular CNN anchor Erin Burnett.

David is married to his longtime girlfriend Erin Burnett who works for leading network CNN.

They first met each other when Erin served as a vice president of Citigroup before joining CNBC. In 2011, they engaged and made a plan to get married.

He is regarded as one of the key factors for the development of Citibank.

David owns a house in New Jersey and an apartment on the west side of the Central Park.

He is sharing the same silk of marriage with her since December 2012.

Let's know more about Rubulotta's personal details plus his married life here.

On November 2012, they married in the City Hall, New York.

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