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As Victor and Philip left the court room, Shawn overheard Victor saying they would never give up Claire now that they have her.

Everyone knew that Victor had paid off the judge just as he had the Child Protective Service worker, and even Willow to testify in court against Shawn.

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Shortly after Shawn asked Willow to move out, she set fire to the apartment and Shawn was kicked out. Just as Belle and Shawn were getting closer, they were issued court papers that Philip was fighting them for custody.

Philip was awarded temporary custody of Claire and devastated Shawn and Belle were ordered to take parenting classes.

In May 2015, Soap Opera Digest reported the character will be returning for the show's 50th anniversary, once again portrayed by Cook.

Shawn is the son of supercouple, Bo and Hope Brady.

Jason Cook is most identifiable in the role, portraying the character from October 15, 1999, to September 22, 2006.

Brandon Beemer was in the role from September 28, 2006, to March 21, 2008.

Mimi told Shawn just a day later that while at the Kiriakis mansion to confront Philip she saw a passport for Claire.

Shawn made the decision that he and Belle had to beat Philip and Victor at their own game, by kidnapping Claire and going on the run.

When Bo and Carly's engagement ended, Shawn bonded with Bo's new girlfriend, Billie Reed, who later became Bo's wife. Although Hope did not know who she was at first, her memory returned and Bo and Hope reunited. At an early age, Shawn was kidnapped by Stefano Di Mera, but escaped.

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