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In 1990, Shawn fell into a pipe and lost his hearing.

With his mother gone, Shawn and his father became close with Shawn's doctor and eventually Bo's fiancée, Carly Manning.

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Following Belle and Philip's wedding, Shawn and Mimi explored their feelings for each other.

On New Year's Eve they got engaged and later married.

When Shawn learned that Mimi knew he was Claire's father and never told him, he declared their marriage was over and left.

Upon hearing that Victor also knew the truth about Claire's paternity, he ran a race car through a wall at the Kiriakis mansion and declared that he was done with Victor as well. Shortly afterwards, Shawn misunderstood a conversation Belle was having with Carrie, leading him to believe she wanted nothing to do with him.

Shawn and Belle became a couple, while Philip and Chloe enjoyed a brief romance.

The following summer, Shawn and Belle joined other teens from Salem High on an ill-fated trip to Puerto Rico.When Bo and Carly's engagement ended, Shawn bonded with Bo's new girlfriend, Billie Reed, who later became Bo's wife. Although Hope did not know who she was at first, her memory returned and Bo and Hope reunited. At an early age, Shawn was kidnapped by Stefano Di Mera, but escaped.In high school, Shawn competed with Philip Kiriakis for the romantic affections of both Belle Black and Chloe Lane.Mimi told Shawn just a day later that while at the Kiriakis mansion to confront Philip she saw a passport for Claire.Shawn made the decision that he and Belle had to beat Philip and Victor at their own game, by kidnapping Claire and going on the run.He found solace with Willow, a former hooker, and the two eventually moved in together.

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