Who is gladys knight dating

Hankerson was arrested in June on charges of stealing more than 0,000 in sales and taxes, leading to a change in management at the restaurants.

Witnesses tipped off investigators saying Hankerson was using money from the business for sex parties and marijuana.

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The song eventually peaked at number 28 on the pop chart, presumably because Motown kept pushing "Neither One of Us" to be played at more radio stations blocking the Buddah single from reaching bigger success.

By the time "Neither One of Us" had begun to peak, Buddah issued the group's second single, the Weatherly-composed "Midnight Train to Georgia", in August 1973, where the song eventually topped both pop and R&B charts, pushing the group to superstardom.

In 1972, the group had success with their cover of musician Kris Kristofferson's ballad, "Help Me Make It Through the Night". Among the songs they would record that wounded up on the album included a funk-oriented cover of Bill Withers' "Who Is She (And What Is She to You)?

The song helped to make the group's transition from soul and blues-oriented material to more middle of the road flair. ", a cover of "For Once in My Life" and a self-penned composition, "Daddy Could Swear, I Declare", the latter song of which they had begun promoting in the summer of 1972 through a performance on the TV program, Soul Train.

During this time period, the group's contract was up for renewal in the winter of 1973.

The group eventually refused to renew it after failing to get Motown to renew their contract in "good faith" and eventually asked to be released from their contract.

In late 1972, the group began recording songs for what would be their final album, Neither One of Us, at Motown's Hitsville U. They also recorded a good portion of the album at Motown's Hollywood studios, Mo West.

They worked on the majority of the album with producer Joe Porter, who allowed the group creative freedom in the studio.

Porter had picked the song out from Weatherly's publishing company.

Knight recorded her lead vocal in one take at Mo West Studios, with parts of the background by the group already done.

Knight licensed her name to her son, Shanga Hankerson, in 1999 to use in the restaurants but considered ending the agreement in 2009 because of "mismanagement" of the business.

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