Who is joss stone dating raphael saadiq

He says: "I've known about their relationship for ages.

British soul star Joss Stone is racing to explain a saucy photo in the booklet accompanying her new album - because fans think it confirms a romance with producer Raphael Saadiq.

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Other than that, he spends time with his pitbull and enjoys non-guitar-related hobbies.

If you own the disc then it is undisputedly legal to rip the tracks to yor computer.

The people that are breaking the law in this case are those that have created the programs that allow for bypassing the protection. I think thats exactly what it is, its like drinking underage, its not illegal to drink underage, its illegal to be sold alcohol.

anyways, my copy of The Soul Sessions has this copy protection too and its affecting the sound quality, but did you know that copy protection is usually only on one track in the album, doscover which and download it, a backup copy, of course...

However, Milian's publicist said that Milian had no idea what this could be about. Paddy , 27 April 2007 (UTC) I've deleted a whole load of stuff and tried to integrate an ": Other Achievements" section.

When reminded that she is on record, Stone said that she is "just honest"." Aside from being badly written, this seems to be entirely pointless gossip. Paddy , 29 April 2007 (UTC) I moved a lot of things from the album sections and the trivia section to form this section.

Mr Twain , 28 April 2007 (UTC) What if we deleted the "thank-you list" thing? The "impromptu press conference" thing also sounds ridiculous.

We should also the incident with Christina Milian — this sounds like gossip.

Funk Junkie , 28 April 2007 (UTC) "Mentioned singer Christina Milian in an interview for Giant magazine and stated that there were many things about Milian the world does not know about.

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