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Another long term character was Minnie Caldwell (played by Margot Bryant), who would remain with the series for 16 years and also in the original line-up was loveable rogue Dennis Tanner (played by Philip Lowrie), who is significant for his 43-year gap between appearances.

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Linda and Ivan had a second son, Martin Cheveski, born in 1964.

The family returned again in 1966, but although Linda wanted to stay in Weatherfield, Ivan had his heart set on Birmingham.

Their lives together began happily with a move to Warrington, but Linda quickly grew dissatisfied with the marriage as Ivan wanted to support her and didn't want her go off to work or to begin a family until they were financially secure.

When she fell pregnant in late 1960, she fled to Weatherfield and moved back in with Elsie and younger brother Dennis.

The Cheveskis left the country as planned a week later.

Linda, Ivan and Paul returned to the UK for Christmas 1962, and Linda admitted to Elsie she wasn't happy in Canada.

Other significant characters to appear this year include Elsie Lappin (played by Maudie Edwards) the original owner of the Corner shop and most famous for speaking the first words on the show; Susan Cunningham (played by Patricia Shakesby), Ken's first girlfriend and the subject of a 2010 storyline in which it was discovered she had later given birth to his son; and May Hardman (played by Joan Heath), who became the first character to die in the series on 30 December.

Linda Cheveski (also Tanner) is played by actress Anne Cunningham between 19.

Cunningham was written out after a year due to a strike at the actor's union Equity preventing new contracts being signed, and the actress chose not to return when the strike ended.

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