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After facing few failed relationships, Zoe is finally in a happy relationship with boyfriend Kari Glusman.

If you want to know more about the couple and Zoe's past affairs then stay with us!!!

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They order french fries and burgers and are overwhelmingly nice to waiters and manage to keep publicists at bay for an hour or two while reporters get to lap up all the ways they “stay normal.” And right now, Kravitz is doing a pretty decent job of selling me on that “normal” life and how much pride she says she takes in it.“That was when ‘Fly Away’ came out.” On Kravitz’s 11th birthday, her mom—a “very ceremonial person”—finally agreed to let her pierce her ears, and threw her a “piercing party.” Lenny Kravitz flew in Angel, the bald, tattooed woman who’d done his many piercings, for the occasion.“It sounds crazy”—fact—“but to us it was like, ‘You call Angel when you want something pierced.’ ” says Kravitz.“It sounds crazy,” she repeats, “but it wasn’t that.” For the record, she chickened out at the piercing party and got her ears pierced later at a local Claire’s instead.

Once, when she was 15, Kravitz woke up to Ashton Kutcher cooking omelettes in her kitchen.

Her lithe 5'2" frame erupts in kinetic energy, bouncing up and down on the concrete like it’s a springboard as she stares at her phone in disbelief and ecstatic rapture.

She doesn’t have an entourage or a bodyguard; she takes the subway.

The most exciting news, of course, has to be that of Meryl Streep's attachment to the second season. While we wait, let's see which Monterey momma we're most like (below)! Reese Witherspoon, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, and Zoë Kravitz returned to work on the second season of the acclaimed HBO series and took to Instagram to celebrate the inevitable mayhem. Well, here's an easy way to explain it so that more people could understand and relate.

She's set to play Perry (Alexander Skarsgard)'s mother, and you know it's gonna be wild seeing how she'll mesh with everyone else! Witherspoon and Dern both shared the same photo (above) on set in what looks like a scene of Madeline and Renata… As a former fat kid and fat adult who suffered so much because of being overweight, we hope our daughter isn't!

From the digging I did, it looks like we're in the clear, guys.

As recently as fall of 2014, Kravitz told Howard Stern he was still a bachelor.

At 11, six years after Bonet and Lenny Kravitz divorced, Zoë Kravitz moved from Topanga Canyon—L.

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