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Kennedy witnessed the Bringers killing her Watcher. At the time of her arrival, she was the only Potential Slayer, out of Kennedy, Rona, Molly, Chloe and Eve to have seen an image of a vampire, although a blurred image. Was called as a Slayer while having a meal at home with her family in Japan when Willow cast her spell. Eventually, Dana escaped, murdering a male nurse in the process and painting her face with his blood. This Slayer was captured along with two other girls and used for training by Charles Gunn and his gang of vampires. After a brief battle, Dracula finally agrees to release Xander from the trance and return him to Buffy. In this issue, Buffy takes Satsu to a vampire nest, and they dispose of them quickly. In issue #2, another Slayer tells her that she's in love with Xander, having recently developed a keen interest in comics, James Bond films and drywalling. This Slayer was cast as a fake Buffy decoy by Andrew Wells. Kennedy was taught to use a crossbow at the age of eight. Vi did not appear to be up for the Slayer life, but this changed when she was seen in battle. The spell happened just in time for her to prevent a man from striking her. When activated as a Slayer, Dana became frenzied and violent; not even Thorazine was enough to subdue her. Rabinaw taped his sessions with Dana speaking in Romanian, Chinese and other languages; the recordings were kept secret, as he planned to write a book on her. In 2006, Buffy, Kira, and another scythe-activated Slayer break into the stronghold of the legendary vampire, Vlad Dracula, in an effort to rescue Buffy's comrade, Xander, who had been placed in a trance to serve as Dracula's manservant. She has a much bigger role in "A Beautiful Sunset". Renee is first seen manning a computer in issue #1, where she enjoys flirtatious banter about comic books with Xander. Nikki meets her match when she fights the vampire named Spike and is killed on the N. Watchers: Merrick, Rupert Giles & Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Sources: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Angel The Origin Tales of the Slayers ("Broken Bottle of Djinn"; "Tales", final page)Tales of the Vampires ("Antique")Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight..numerous other tie-in novels and comics. Later, Simone conducted numerous experiments into Slayer-vampire hybrids in an attempt to make herself more powerful than Buffy. Soledad is turned off by Buffy's inclusivity pitch that she associates with having been part of Las Cuchillas.

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However, the Soul Glutton survived and when it founds its family dead, it swore revenge on the Slayer. The men did not like this, so as the righteous Slayer slept, men broke into her house and grabbed her from her bed. Watcher: Unknown man (depicted by Donald Sutherland). Buffy, while on the plane known as "Twilight", is magically changed from the sari of a 17th century Indian Slayer into the black mourning dress of this Slayer as the powers of the realm become acclimated to her. The incident becomes a Watcher myth; a fairy tale that warns of the universe answering if the balance between humanity and magic isn't kept in check. This Indian Slayer fights a long-haired blond vampire with a stake while wearing a red sari with gold jewelry and a bindi. However, Claudine rejected Jean and left him, overwhelmed with guilt for having killed a human. The story of this Slayer's death is told in parallel with a narration about the monster slayer Naayéé'neizgháni and the demon To, characters taken from Navajo legend. Simone released Tessa—who was now a mindless feral beast—San Francisco, where she proved to be a particularly powerful challenge to Buffy.

However, as time passed much slower in the hell dimension than it did on earth, the Aztec Slayer was long dead. They dubbed her a witch because only a witch could have defeated the vampires so easily and burned her at the stake. Her Watcher avenged her death by opening the town gates, allowing legions of vampires to feast on the whole town. Slayer Time: Active in the 15th century (film) or 16th century (comic). The vampire kills her when he grabs her hair and goes for her neck. A Sweeney Todd-looking vampire kills Claudine by snapping her neck in his grip. Sources: Tales of the Slayers ("Tales", final page)The Chain. She attacked and severely injured Buffy's friend Robert Dowling. Source: New Rules, Part One Holly was a member of Deepscan under Kennedy's leadership.

Sources: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992)The Origin (p.2). Angel mentions this Slayer when Buffy is magically transformed into her sari as the "Twilight" realm becomes acclimated to her. Location: Kyoto, Japan Watcher: Unnamed Japanese samurai Watcher. She was seen alongside this last, Leah and Faith Lehane to help the Scooby Gang against the new evolved vampires in Santa Rosita. Source: Where The River Meets The Sea, Part Two Mai was a slayer from asian descent, member of Deepscan.

This Slayer is of noble birth and lives in a castle in England. She was asigned alongside Faith Lehane to protect the rock star demon Billy Rage until he was surprising with a teenager girl, since to rescue Walt Zane, Samantha Finn and Riley went missing in the South American jungle. Source: Where The River Meets The Sea, Part Three Nell was a member of Deepscan.

Slayers are not intended to have children, so it is kept secret between Nikki and her Watcher. Nikki's neck is snapped and he takes her black leather coat. Sources: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Twilight ("Them F#©%ing (Plus the True History of the Universe)"). Andrew dismissed her for even suggesting this, insisting that Slayer do not use guns. Soledad sees Andrew and Vi's television commercial.

Simone continually expressed a desire to use guns instead of traditional Slayer weapons. Soledad is a Slayer called on her 16th birthday while backing out from being in a Latina girl gang called Las Cuchillas.

Source: Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight Satsu is a Japanese Slayer who is one of the best in Buffy's squad, along with Leah and Rowena.

She was asigned alongside Faith Lehane to rescue Walt Zane, Samantha Finn and Riley went missing in the South American jungle.

After Faith started to go down in the battle at the Hellmouth, Faith tossed Rona the Scythe, which she used to great effect before giving it back to Buffy, thus making her the only person bar Buffy and Faith to use the weapon during the battle. In Issue #5 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight she is a squad leader, and is the person who decides the Girl to be Buffy Decoy #2. She is currently the squad leader for the Slayer cell based out of Manhattan. Buffy magazine states she survived the Hellmouth battle. Birth: 1991 (12 years old according to "Chosen" script). Dana was taken by W&H's Special Ops team, though they were interrupted by Andrew Wells and a team of Slayers. She believes Tom to be the dying man's son, rather than his father. While Non visits Gunn, she turns the three Slayers into zombies. Due to the magic of Gunn's headquarters, she and the two other Slayers that Gunn has been training against have been constantly resurrected for him to kill again. She and Buffy briefly share a sexual relationship, Buffy's first experiment at sex with women, but ultimately parts ways with Buffy, who promotes her to leader of the Japanese regiment. In issue #12, she is seen prompting Xander to ask her out, which he then does. The decoy Slayer with the long, blonde hair was seen dancing with The Immortal in a loud, crowded nightclub. It is mentioned to her that Buffy also has a scarred bite mark on her neck. She is rich, protected, spoiled, powerful, and is plotting to kill Buffy in order to gain control of the Slayers. Buffy get's teleported to Savidge's house where they fight. Unbeknownst to this girl was that her hunter was also a Slayer, so in an attempt to escape, she sent a hard kick to Gigi's chest, leaving a muddy boot print. She trails the vampires, but they are aware of this and ambush her and test their spell, successfully removing her Slayer powers. Simone wasn't particularly respected among her peers, one of whom pointed out that she would not be willing to risk her life for others.

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